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Debt  Management

The issuance of debt requires careful planning and expert execution.  Capstone analyzes alternative funding methods to meet our clients' capital needs including bond issuance, bank financing, state and/or federal  loan programs and public-private partnerships.  Once the financing method is determined, we structure the transaction to suit our client's objectives and needs. We utilize our knowledge of market conditions and comparable financings to ensure that our clients obtain cost-effective pricing and financing flexibility given present market conditions and factors.    Click below to see a detailed listing of our debt transaction services.

Capstone provides more than transaction-related services when advising clients.  We provide the tools and analysis to help clients strike a path for long-term sustainability and growth while managing their risk.  The strategic planning and advisory services we offer enable clients to make key decisions regarding their community's direction.  We keep track of new developments in the financial markets in order to provide our clients with advice regarding the most up-to-date policies and financing structures.  Among the strategic planning services we provide our clients:

  • ​Debt capacity analysis

  • Capital planning

  • Cost-benefit analysis

  • Policy development

  • Legislative analysis

  • Credit strategy      

Strategic Planning

Quantitative Analysis

Capstone provides comprehensive analytical services to public-sector and nonprofit clients through in-depth financial modeling and analysis.  We utilize custom-built Excel spreadsheets as well as third-party financial modeling software to prepare financial analysis.  We are trained to conduct rigorous analysis in order to generate creative solutions for our clients' important financial challenges.  These analytical services include, among others:

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Debt restructuring and refinancing

  • Swap advisory services

  • ​Comparison of financing alternatives​

  • Evaluation and negotiation of proposals

Economic Development

Strategy  & Implementation

Increasing the tax base and attracting high-quality jobs are vital to promoting the development of your community. As state and local governments look for creative ways to fund needed capital improvements, the utilization of economic development strategy has increasingly become a more important consideration.  We help clients determine the right balance of economic development tools to use in order to leverage private sector investment -- and track the results so that they can make informed decisions. Our services include:

  • Economic development alternatives

  • Neighborhood revitalization strategy

  • Affordable housing initiatives

  • Development studies and analysis

  • Financial impact analysis

  • Developer negotiation