Once engaged for work in a particular sector, Capstone first gains an understanding of the economic, political and financial conditions in which the client operates. As we build upon this understanding, our goal is to develop recommendations that are not commonplace, but rather uniquely based upon each client's circumstances. If your community needs assistance with strategic planning, debt financing or credit advice, please contact Capstone.




Capstone works with state and local government issuers to develop and execute financing strategies for infrastructure development.  We help our clients get the funding they need to make improvements to the physical assets used to provide essential services to their community.  Capstone will partner with clients to develop a variety of financing alternatives including general obligation, revenue and annual appropriation bonds as appropriate.  We will also analyze the utilization of alternative financing structures such and refinancing strategies as well as public-private partnerships. 



Capstone aims to work with a variety of transportation issuers including mass transit, airports,  seaports, toll roads, state departments of transportation and local transportation authorities.  We will assist clients of all sizes with the development of financial solutions including traditional and innovative structures ranging from alternative variable-rate structures, senior-subordinate lien structures, private activity bonds, public-private partnerships (as allowed by local law) and federal credit programs (such as TIFIA).



At a time when the cost of environmental infrastructure continues to rise, Capstone works with state and local government stakeholders to develop ways to lower the financing cost related to protecting the environment and public health.  We are focused on helping sustainable infrastructure clients incorporate innovative financing solutions into their water, wastewater, storm water, energy and solid waste systems.  We utilize knowledge gained across the country to share best practices and state-of-the-art financing techniques.  We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve a low cost of capital while promoting solutions that make improvements to their financing processes.



Capstone acts as an independent advisor to K-12 school districts, charter and private schools to help arrange for short and long-term financing for cash flow needs as well as capital facilities.  For the growing charter school sector, we provide guidance for the variety of financing alternatives including tax-exempt bonds, bank loans, new market tax credits, sale/leaseback and direct placement options. Our recommendations are always based upon your specific financial and economic set of circumstances as well as the school finance system and state laws under which you operate. Our function is to assist schools through the financing process, so that you can devote more time and energy to your educational mission. 


Management & Budget Consulting

Capstone provides advice that improves financial performance and helps public-sector leaders to focus on the work they do, only better.  Capstone utilizes a comprehensive analytical approach to assist state and local governments in developing best practices in financial management. Through strategic partnerships, Capstone brings insights from national GFOA best practices to deliver up-to-date advice from an independent perspective.  Our services include:

  • Multi-year financial planning

  • Budget analysis

  • Financial planning and modeling

  • Capital projects and infrastructure planning